Frequently Asked Questions

by Todd Restrepo

How To Start Your Own Blog Fast And Free Program! Please read through these Frequently Asked Questions as it will help you to better understand how the whole process works. Although having said that the process is rather easy and if you visit the home page on How To Start Your Own Blog you will see that it only takes two easy steps for you to receive your Free customized blog!

Frequently Asked Questions
Why Would You Be Offering To Setup A Blog Or Website For FREE?

I have been working online for almost seven years now and over the course of those seven years I have built over 300 blogs and websites for my own use plus I have helped close to 100 clients build successful online businesses and this has helped me establish working relationships (partnership) with the two Top Rated Hosting Companies so when you signup for their service through the links on this site you are eligible to receive a fully customized blog or website Absolutely Free!

So if I want to have you build me a blog or website I don’t have to pay you anything?

Not a single penny!!! There are no hidden costs to this whatsoever and just as I stated on the Home Page there is “NO CATCH” this service is completely cost-free!!!

You said I need to purchase “Hosting” what is that all about?

Every website or blog that you see online requires a hosting service provider. A website or blog is made up of multiple files, directories and coding and these files are stored on servers located all across the world and the hosting companies own these servers so when you signup with a hosting provider they store all the files for your website or blog and when it’s called for they serve up your files thus presenting your website or blog to the world.

Is hosting expensive?

Not at all, now had you asked that same question 10 years ago it would be a different answer but now with all the advancements in technology you can get hosting for as low as $4.95 per month if you purchase a one year package, so basically you could pay $60 to $65 for a full year of hosting which is incredibly cheap. Whereas ten years ago it would have cost you $400 to $500 for a year of hosting.

What if I want to have more than one blog or website how much more will that cost?

If you take advantage of my “How To Start Your Own Blog Fast And Free Program” and you purchase the basic hosting package from either HostGator or Bluehost you could have 15 sites or more on that one account.

Why do you only give me the option to use HostGator or Bluehost?

Because they are THE BEST, it really is that simple. I have tried dozens of hosting providers over the years and I have had some real nightmares with some but now with over 300 sites I have about 75% with HostGator and 25% with Bluehost and I will never try another hosting provider other then those two. Plus I have only made this partnership with those two because they trust that I will always send my coaching clients to them as well.

Which hosting company do you recommend?

They are both great companies and they both offer tremendous support which is extremely important to someone like me who has his entire business riding on their shoulders. If you twisted my arm and made me choose one over the other I would probably say HostGator because they do host theĀ  bulk of my business sites and I have never experienced any problems with over the past few years.

One advantage of going with HostGator is that they offer a monthly payment plan whereas Bluehost only offers yearly plans so if you are on a tight budget HostGator would be the better choice.

How do I choose a name for my blog or website and does it cost money?

Yes, you will have to purchase what is called a “domain name” but that will only cost about $10 to $15 but if you choose Bluehost they give you a free domain with the purchase of a yearly package. For those who may not know the domain name is the address for your website or blog for example the domain name for this site is:

What happens once my site is complete?

I have built my business and my reputation with my customer support so it would not do me or my business any good if I just started handing out hundreds of free blogs or websites without offering ongoing support and training.

If after reading through these FAQs and the home page of this site you still have questions feel free to submit a support ticket by clicking here and I will be more than happy to answers your questions.